Thursday, March 27, 2014

Reality TV Shows II

I stopped watching all of the basketball shows after that episode with Evelyn climbing over tables and throwing bottles because it was just too ridiculous.  However, I recently started semi-watching Basketball Wives LA again when I saw a somewhat interesting preview.  Now I've always been #TeamDraya because they have always picked on her.  Women can be some very evil creatures looking for any opportunity to throw shade and bring something up from your past, which is what they've always done when it came to Draya.  It seems like this season though, Ms.Draya is not taking their mess, so good for her. Who is the Sunday chick anyway?  Isn't she about 55 or something acting a damn fool????  She has been hating on Draya from day one and it all spells J-E-A-L-O-U-S-Y to me!!!!  The end result for hating ass Sunday......Black Eye; poor baby.  I bet she will leave Draya Michele alone now.  Draya is tired of these women messing with her and I don't blame her for knocking Sunday into Monday!!!!  Please have several seats Sunday!!!

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