Thursday, June 27, 2013

Friend or Foe....Fakes & Phony's

So I thought I would blog on this really quick during my brief intermission......; well here we go. I remember my sister and I use to laugh and talk about this all the time, stressing the fact that if we don't like a person or have no interest in dealing with a particular person, we simply did not fool with them at all. That's still my motto today. Bottom line is this, if I'm not feeling you or something about you rubs me the wrong way, I don't pretend to like you or smile in your face like everything is all good. I simply don't deal with you at all on any levels. It's pretty cut and dry for me because I'm not the type of person that encourages fakeness nor do I desire to be around someone who is being phony. I just don't think it's that complex of a situation and it's called "Being Real".  I definitely will never give a person the title of a "Friend" unless you are truly a friend. If you are not a friend,  I prefer to use the word acquaintance. If you happen to get thrown in the acquaintance category, you will know very little about me...basically only the small amount of information I choose to give you. You will never get invited to my house unless you are a TRUE FRIEND, or someone that I feel has a lot to lose in the event some shady shit jumps off and I need to find you. This is rare though because I just don't believe in inviting people to my safe haven where my family and I sleep.  With all of this being said, If I don't like you, I don't F&#! with you....simple as that!!! I don't do sneaky shit behind your back pretending that everything is all good, when it's really not. I just don't play those kinds of games. So my advice to anyone is to just leave a person alone if you know you really have no interest in getting to know them or having them involved in your life. Or better yet, keep it 100 (my favorite motto to live by) and tell them how you really feel. Just stop it with the fakeness and being phony!!!!  All smiles and laughing.