Thursday, January 3, 2013

Behind the Layers

If you are going through life comparing yourself or your success to others, stop it right now!!! We as humans tend to live life on what I like to call “Layers”. I say layers because it’s similar to an onion which has many layers. The more you peel back the layers of an onion, your eyes eventually begin to burn which leads to tears. It’s the same with life or your vision of someone else’s life or success; meaning you only see what is on the surface of a person or a person’s life.  What appears to be one way on the outside may be totally different once you start to pull back the layers and get a good look at what’s really going on. You never know what an individual is going through or has/had to go through to be where they are as you see them(on the surface), so don’t be fooled. Once you get a really good glimpse of what’s underneath those layers, you may change your mind totally about wanting to be in that person’s position. Now if you are using another person’s success as a motivation tool on your part, then by all means do whatever it takes to keep you motivated to achieve your goals. But if you are comparing yourself to someone else as a means to tear yourself down or anything negative, then you need to stop before you drive yourself crazy. Remember this; there is only one “you” in the whole world. There may be someone that dresses like you, has similar interests, talks like you, or maybe looks pretty similar to you, but the bottom line is they are not you. The moment you accept the fact that you are unique and are one of a kind the sooner you will learn to accept that someone else’s place in life is not your place, and the sooner you will be able to give 100% to your goals and dreams!!!