Thursday, March 27, 2014

Reality TV Shows

So I recently started watching the reality show, Blood, Sweat, and heels and I actually like it. I'm a fan of Melyssa Ford so I thought I would check it out. Would I continue to watch? Probably so, because it's not too over the top, like the rest of the shows that only show most black women acting a damn fool.  However, there are some that I don't really care for.....Demetria, Brie, and Geneva.  Those three just work my nerves. There was one episode where Demetria said she doesn't even have a credit card and if she wants something she just swipes her dad's card. I find that very interesting considering she is a grown ass women and tries so hard to turn her nose up at everyone else.  I would have never said something as stupid as that, on national television, while claiming that you have it all together.  I think she is the main character that urkes me because she can really come off rude.  I understand being a "strong black women", but there's a time when you have to turn that off and be human.  She's just flat out rude to me and one of my least favorites.  Brie tries to act as if she has never in her life done anything wrong and Geneva....well I haven't really figured her all the way out, but she is still one of my least favorite.  I love Melyssa, Mica, and Daisy so keep up the good work ladies.  If you haven't seen the show, please check it out.  It's entertaining to say the least.

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