Monday, April 7, 2014

Shout out to all to the CREEPS!!!! I see y'all!!!!

Now this is my new jam.  Plies really hit the nail on the head with this one. My grandmother used to always say, "If a dog will bring a bone, he will damn sure carry one! Now ain't that the truth!!! Some people just love to keep up mess regardless.  It's just their nature and most of them are miserable and we all know the saying....."Misery loves company".  The crazy thing is, people get mad when you call them out on their s*%t and most will try to lie and deny that they ever said anything. Oh, but these are the main people claiming that they are so "REAL".  LMBO!!! What a joke.  This can be so called friends and so called family!!!  Since I'm the queen of cutting people's asses off, well we already know what the outcome will be for anyone who comes to me with shade, lies, and fakeness!!!! Kicked straight to the curb because I won't tolerate CREEPS!!!! Bam, Pow and there you have it.  Watch out for those CREEPS, because they are everywhere!!!!!

Now enjoy the video/song!!!!

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