Monday, June 2, 2014

Natual Hair Does Not Automatically Mean Healthy Hair.

Since so many women of color are jumping on the "Natural Hair" bandwagon, I thought I would share this article which sort of sums up what I've been saying for some time now.  Whether your hair is Natural, Relaxed, or whatever your preference may be, it is still very important to take the proper steps to maintain the health of your hair.  Just because your hair is "Natural", and you've done the big chop, and stopped relaxing, it doesn't automatically mean your hair is healthier than someone who is relaxing their hair.  There is still a process needed to be adhered to in order to obtain and maintain the health of your hair.  And if you do not know or understand what you are doing, or don't understand the products that you are using on your hair, you are actually doing more damage to your hair, regardless of if it's Natural or Relaxed.  The whole purpose of going "Natural" is supposed to be to maintain the health and integrity of the hair, however this is impossible, if you are not taking the proper steps to do so.  Healthy Hair is Beautiful Hair and it doesn't matter if it's "Natural" or "Relaxed, as long as it's Healthy.  Enjoy the article.  Click on the link below to view.

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