Saturday, May 3, 2014

Do people really want to hear the truth?

I found this article on one of my favorite celebrity entrepreneurs website, Farrah Gray, and thought I'd share. What he explains is exactly what I've said many, many, times about people wanting to know the truth.  Most people want you to "sugar coat" things and that has never been my style.  This article also talks about the people you want to have in your life. For the entire article, click the link below, but here is what he says about people wanting to hear the truth. Enjoy.

"2. A Blunt Force Trauma Friend- These days being fake is the new real and honesty is the last thing to get spilled.  People say they want to hear the truth, but they really don't.  The average person would prefer to hear a sugar coat...But if you value progress, you definitely value having someone in your inner circle who is always honest with you whether good or bad...A blunt force trauma friend has absolutely no problem hitting you over the head with the TRUTH.
This person will tell you when you are doing great but also has no problem telling you when you might be making bad decisions...A blunt force trauma friend is brutally honest with you...Sometimes the things they tell you, pinch a bit, but they are only telling you the truth in order to help you succeed...Blunt force trauma is not to be confused with having a hating, condescending, or fake friend who never has anything good to say about you but is always quick to point out your flaws.  When a blunt force trauma friend gives you a compliment, you know that it is very sincere and not based in illusions."

Again the entire article is available by clicking the link below or visiting Farrah Gray's website

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