Thursday, March 21, 2013

Latest Updates

So I've recently made some major adjustments in my life, meaning disconnecting from people who I feel don't deserve to have me as a friend, relative, etc......because they simple don't appreciate it. It's a great thing though because sometimes you have to "clean house" so to speak and sometimes you simply outgrow relationships. It's all a part of life. I updated my new website and I love it. It's much more professional now and is up to my standards. I also relaunched my other website Parent's Against Bullying 4 Life to incorporate it in to my business. I think "bullying" is definitely a topic that should not be swept under the rug since there are so many children out here in the world that decide to take their lives because they are being bullied. It's not right, and something  needs to be done about it. Check out both websites. and I'll be updating the weebly domain really soon. Take a stand against bullying because you might be saving a child's life.

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